V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle
V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle
V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle
V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle
V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle

V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle


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The V-Room Classroom Plus Bundle delivers a full solution for both teaching and learning with both teacher tracking camera and student camera. 


Teacher Tracking Camera – 20x Optical Zoom

For teacher view, the V-Pro Teacher Tracking camera follows the teacher every movement with intelligent auto tracking, auto-zoom and customisation presets with extremely high-quality video images, ensuring every detail is seen clearly. High frame rate operation at 60fps delivers truly natural, blur-free representation of moving subjects.

Classroom View Camera – 5x Optical Zoom

The second camera provides a view of the entire room with 10x optical zoom, 83.7 ° wide view angle without distortion and a high frame rate at 60fps to ensure every face in the room can be seen clearly.


Nureva HDL300 Audio

The Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system brings superior clarity to any classroom or lecture theatre. With the ability to simultaneously process all audio sources in the room, remote participants can seem like they are there in the same room even if they are not. An idea can be heard from anywhere from the back of the room, stood next to the display or in another country. 

With microphone Mist™ technology, it fills the room with 8192 virtual microphones. Listening to all microphones simultaneously, it dynamically selects the one closest to the speaker, ensuring the best quality sound for remote listeners. No matter where you are in the room, it will pick up your voice. 

4K Ultra HD

  • Receive up to 4K video and content over dual displays
  • Screen configurations supporting up to 16 participants viewable on screen
  • Flexible content and participant video layouts
  • Meet with participants from all types of endpoints, including room systems, desktops, laptops and mobiles via Vscene


Annual Support & Maintenance

The support and maintenance cover is an annual charge, though the first year is included free.

The cover ensures hardware is kept up to date with software upgrades and security patches, and our support team are available to advise on any hardware issues. Cover also includes replacement under warranty.

For the V-Room Classroom PLUS, the charge from Year 2 is £850 plus vat.