V-Room Lecture Bundle
V-Room Lecture Bundle
V-Room Lecture Bundle
V-Room Lecture Bundle
V-Room Lecture Bundle
V-Room Lecture Bundle

V-Room Lecture Bundle


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The V-Room Lecture Bundle delivers incredible 4K Ultra HD experience for large conference rooms for truly engaging group collaboration.

Prices excl. VAT.

Lecturer View Camera – 30x Optical Zoom

For lecturer or presenter view, the V-30 camera captures extremely high-quality video images, ensuring every detail is seen clearly. High frame rate operation at 60fps delivers truly natural, blur-free representation of moving subjects.

Classroom View Camera – 10x Optical Zoom

The second camera provides a view of the entire room with 10x optical zoom, 83.7 ° wide view angle without distortion and a high frame rate at 60fps to ensure every face in the room can be seen clearly.

4 x Ceiling Microphones

With V-Room Lecture we provide 4 x Shure CVO professional low profile electret condenser microphones designed for overhead sound reinforcement applications. An integrated wire aiming hanger provides for optimal placement above classrooms, lecture theatres and other ensembles with minimal effort.

Professional Audio

The Stingray is an all-in-one smart mixer utilising Phoenix’s proprietary distributed array technology. Each unit mixes up to four microphone inputs, performs echo cancelling, noise cancelling, AGC, and other algorithms required in a conferencing room setup. The Stingray also supports four auxiliary inputs that can be reinforced for local playback. Each unit comes with four 15 watt speaker amplifiers, SIP, USB, and analogue interface, supporting any kind of conferencing device.

2 x HQ Ceiling Speakers

RCi Series In-Wall Speakers deliver incredible Polk sound to every classroom or lecture theatre. Dynamic Balance drivers and aimable tweeters ensure spacious imaging with amazing clarity as well as a well-balanced sound in any listening position.


Annual Support & Maintenance

The support and maintenance cover is an annual charge, though the first year is included free.

The cover ensures hardware is kept up to date with software upgrades and security patches, and our support team are available to advise on any hardware issues. Cover also includes replacement under warranty.

For the V-Room Lecture, the charge from Year 2 is £850 plus vat.